For your website, Joomla CMS or WordPress Blog.

For over 5 years now we have been developing clickable map packages for users from every corner of the globe.
Our store lists over 200 clickable maps of the world. Our maps are non-flash maps.

Easy to install.

Novices can install a simple plugin at their WordPress Blog or Joomla CMS

Web Developers can access all the code for customization and make their own image design with the FREE PhotoShop Layered .PSD included in every package (see what you get)

Free and awesome support!

.....just ask any of my users. I'm happy to troubleshoot.

Free Sample

Try before you buy, make sure it's aall compatible with your pages DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLE HERE

Map Customization

From only $50 I can create your own unique clickable maps, simply contact me with your requirements.

Our clickable maps are developed in a special way and feature popular JQuery Plugins MapHilight and easyTooltip to make them an exciting addition to any web site. Now Joomla and WordPress users can install our unique clickable maps in minutes and webmasters and developers have full access to 3 formats of coding and best of all we supply the original layered PhotoShop .PSD file so that designers can create brilliant final images. Check out how to apply our maps at our development blog. Enjoy.

The power of JQuery Clickable Maps is coming to the fore, with more flexibility for designers everywhere.


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Clickable Maps for Wordpress: Install your clickable map in minutes. CONTACT ME for availability and support questions.

Map customization from only $50. - Image Map Wordpress Plugin.

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